98 percent of high school athletes are under-recruited

Are you a high school athlete dreaming of securing a college scholarship? Is your talent recognized by coaches, parents, peers, and teammates who believe you’re destined to compete at a higher level? Do you pride yourself on being both an exemplary student and teammate? Despite affirmative responses to these inquiries, do you still feel your recruitment journey is lacking? If you’re feeling overlooked, it’s likely true. Unfortunately, many skilled high school athletes miss out on college opportunities each year. The reason? They remain undiscovered by the right college coaches and fail to take proactive steps.

Consider this: a mere two percent of high school athletes receive extensive recruitment attention. To be among this elite group, especially in sports like basketball, you may need to be the top player not just on your team, but in your entire district. If you’re not in this two percent, it’s time to strategize and take action to elevate your recruitment status.

What does it mean to be under-recruited? Essentially, it signifies that you’ve yet to capture the attention of college coaches, or you’re not being actively pursued despite your potential and academic achievements. Many athletes, even those with impressive stats, remain unnoticed due to various factors, including limited recruitment budgets and the vast geographical scope coaches must consider.

But why might you be under-recruited? Reasons vary from limited recruiting budgets in your sport to the unfortunate reality of not being at the right place at the right time. Even athletes like Steph Curry, who was once overlooked due to his youthful appearance and size, can rise to incredible heights with the right approach and perseverance. Curry’s journey from being under-recruited to becoming an NBA MVP and champion is a testament to overcoming recruitment challenges.

So, how can you transition from under-recruited to a sought-after prospect? The key is proactive outreach to colleges that align with your abilities and aspirations. Your strategy should involve thorough research on colleges, understanding the recruiting landscape, and actively engaging with coaching staff to express your interest and showcase your potential. Getting your current coach to advocate for your abilities and character can also significantly boost your profile.

In the competitive world of college athletics, waiting to be discovered is not an option. Invest in your future by diligently pursuing colleges that match your athletic and academic potential. Remember, the path from under-recruited to highly-recruited is within your grasp with the right approach and dedication.

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