The Importance of a Team Sharing Information About Name, Image, and Likeness Rights

Any successful team contains participants with varied skill sets to make the team stronger. All successful people rely on others and their skill sets to accomplish their goals.

Michael Jordan relied on his agent, David Faulk, and the brilliant minds at Nike to turn Michael Jordan into “Air Jordan” a billionaire. LeBron James relied on Maverick Carter and others in the entertainment business to build a media empire that continues to grow while he is on the court maximizing his athletic skills. No one person can know everything and it’s important that each athlete has the right team of advisors for them.

Personality, cost, communication style, location, experience, and other factors all play into selecting the right team of advisors for athletes. Now that collegiate athletes have the right to capitalize on their name, image, and likeness rights it is a vital importance they have the right team of advisors so they do not make some very serious mistakes.

Now that name, image, and likeness rights will generate revenue for collegiate athletes, it is important for all athletes to have the proper set up and team of advisors before excepting any opportunities using their name, image, and likeness rights. It will take a proper tax advisor, a brand expert, a lawyer, a financial advisor, and a publicist or social media manager for athletes to have a proper set up and team to protect them as they capitalize on these rights.

It is also important athletes understand the setup, the operations, and the dos and don’ts so they can protect their rights in real time.

The people behind PlayersOnly have been advising players from high school to the Hall of Fame for years. We have seen it all and we have built structures for players that have the ability to capitalize off the field. We have built PO for athletes of any sport to connect, share ideas, and discuss and learn about the business of sport in a controlled environment where they are in charge of the conversation, cutting through the noise that is on all other social media platforms. PO will continue to provide unbiased information about what is going on in the space. This is the mission behind peel. We look forward to sharing information and learning from you as we share your journey from the back court to the boardroom.

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