The First Year of NIL: A Detailed Analysis and Its Impact on Collegiate Sports

The first year of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) era in collegiate sports has been a watershed moment, marked by groundbreaking trends and data. This comprehensive analysis is derived from extensive data collected over the inaugural year of NIL activities, offering deep insights into the transformative effect of NIL on collegiate sports.

Key Statistics and Insights from INFLCR Data

INFLCR’s aggregated data provides a bird’s-eye view of the NIL landscape:

  • Average NIL Transaction Value: $1,815.
  • Power 5 vs. Non-Power 5 NIL Deals: Power 5 deals averaged $2,144, while non-Power 5 deals stood at $558.
  • Growth Trend: Transaction values grew by 80% from the first to the twelfth month.
  • Sport-Specific Insights: Football led in Power 5 transaction numbers and value, while men’s basketball took the lead outside Power 5​​.

A notable highlight was women’s gymnastics, with average transaction values more than double that of football ($7,054 vs. $3,396). Social media transactions made up 61% of NIL deals, but autographs, entrepreneurship, and public appearances surpassed social media in financial value​​.

Breakdown of Transaction Types and Values

The top five transaction types by median values were:

  1. Autographs: Average – $10,093, Median – $500.
  2. Business Ownership/Creation: Average – $3,361, Median – $300.
  3. Camps & Lessons: Average – $819, Median – $100.
  4. Social Media: Average – $905, Median – $50.
  5. Public Appearance: Average – $2,112, Median – $25​​.

INFLCR’s Local Exchange Initiative

The Local Exchange initiative by INFLCR, involving 31 partner schools, registered 969 businesses offering NIL deals averaging $1,365​​.

Opendorse’s NIL Earnings Estimates

Opendorse’s data revealed:

  • Estimated total earnings: $917 million in Year 1.
  • Projections for Year 2: Potentially reaching $1.14 billion.
  • Notable figures: 76% of athletes on the platform received at least one deal, with brands forming 74% of these deals.
  • Division I compensation: 35% came from donors, averaging a monthly NIL compensation of $1,012​​.

Activities and Compensation Breakdown by Sport

The distribution of total compensation by sport showed football leading at 49.9%, followed by men’s and women’s basketball. Other sports like women’s volleyball and softball also had substantial shares​​.

Opendorse: Average Deal Values in Prominent Sports

Opendorse provided insights into average deal values for football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball across various positions, highlighting disparities in compensation​​.

Institutional Reports on NIL Impact

Various institutions reported their NIL data:

  • Alabama: Reported $3 million in opportunities created by football players.
  • BYU: Disclosed over $2.4 million in NIL deals, with innovative team-wide NIL deals.
  • Illinois: 400 NIL deals among 150 athletes.
  • Minnesota: 225 athletes disclosed NIL deals, with social media transactions leading.
  • Ohio State: 1,115 NIL deals disclosed.
  • Texas: Over $2 million earned from 418 NIL deals​​.

Collective Initiatives and Their Contributions

  • Gator Collective: Completed deals with 75 student-athletes.
  • Hoop and Holler Houston: Focused on football and men’s basketball, with unique personal appearance deals​​.

Individual Athlete and Agency Achievements

  • Michael Raymond Clients: Over 117 NIL deals totaling more than $350,000.
  • Chloe V. Mitchell: Banked in the low six figures, being the first to monetize NIL.
  • The Cavinder Twins: Earned nearly $2 million from over 30 brand deals.
  • Rayquan Smith: Closed 70 deals, known as the “King of NIL.”
  • Jack Betts: A DIII athlete, made the most of NIL opportunities with over 30 deals​​.
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