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PlayersOnly is a social network focused on athletes — where athletes around the world come build professional profiles, connect and promote themselves to recruits, schools, and teams.

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Currently, many athletes are overlooked and do not understand how to attract attention or schools with insufficient budgets. Our platform recruiting service aims to reduce the typical costs incurred from student-athlete visits, while concurrently eliminating the need for letters to prospective student-athletes.

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We designed this social network from the ground up to streamline what has typically been a cumbersome and time consuming process. We specifically designed it for those of you who need to maximize your time so you can be the best in your respective craft.



PlayersOnly is convenient, expedient, and state of the art so you can excel.



Players Only is aesthetically appealing. State of the art. Lightning fast. Comes with enhanced and advanced features.

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We set out on a mission to create a user-friendly network where teams could be more efficient in identifying and targeting specific athletes with a skill set that coaches, recruiters, scouts or teams are looking to fill.

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Tuan Ma

Founder & CEO

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